Where is Komodo installed?

The Komodo installer will prompt for an installation directory; you can choose any directory you have permissions to install to. The default location varies by platform, and the name of the directory corresponds to the version of Komodo you are running ("IDE" or "Edit" on Windows, "IDE" or "Edit" plus the version number on OS X and Linux):


By default, Komodo installs to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo [IDE|Edit]\

Note: Older versions of Komodo on Windows are installed in a directory which included the version number (e.g. "ActiveState Komodo IDE 4.2"), which allowed for side-by-side installations of different versions of Komodo. If you wish to do this, manually specify an install directory with a version number.


By default, Komodo installs to:



By default, Komodo installs to: