Hi there!

Glad we've peaked your interest enough to be checking out these pages.

We are currently in the process of creating a new, userfriendly API which means we need to port a tons of functionality from the lagacy API to the new SDK based one.

Example: Basically, take functions FROM: Legacy dialogs code

and port them TO: New SDK API

Getting Help From the Devs

If you need help please use the Komodo forums. The How To section seems like a good spot to ask stuff: http://forum.komodoide.com/c/how-to. This way the community benefits from your questions as well.

It's old school but it works. We're on IRC every day of the work week (even weekends sometimes) unless we're on vacation (which is never). We're on the Mozilla server so come say hi and ask questions: IRC: irc.mozilla.org #komodo.


If you find an issue that you can't fix and is seperate from this one you can file new bugs here: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues

How to submit contributions ref1:

  1. Fork the Komodo Edit github repo: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit.git
  2. Make changes in your forked repo, commit, push them back to your github repo
  3. You can then create a "Pull Request" out of one of those commits

Small note on Commits

Keep them concise and only have relevant code in each commit. This helps you down the road when trying to find an issue you might have added. Commit early and Often.

Important note on pull requests

Keep them concise like you keep your commits. Please don't write 20 new functions then dump a 500 line pull request on us :D. We need to review the request (obvs) before we'll accept it and massive pull requests make us sad. If the pull request is too big we will likely reject it and ask you to break it up into multiple requests. Just save us all a little time and keep them concise.

On Topic:
Don't mix tasks/ideas in a pull request (or a commit for that matter). If you're implementing a new function, function doSomethingRad() (or porting one from legacy), then don't include random bug fixes in other functions/files or formatting changes in your pull request for function doSomethingRad(). We probably won't reject a request based on this unless it's horribly messy but Nathan will probably complain. This is just good practice for your source code control workflow in general whether your contributing to open source or working on a personal project.

We look forward to working with any one who wishes to help. Our goal is to have a great community around Komodo and we're happy to welcome any and everyone, as long as you're not a jerk.

  • Carey