Key Binding Schemes

The following pages list the key bindings for Komodo's default keybinding schemes:

To view the current list of key bindings for your Komodo installation, including any custom key bindings, select Help|List Key Bindings. The default key binding scheme is set according to your platform. To select a different key binding scheme, select Edit|Preferences|Editor|Keybindings.

Sharing Key Binding Schemes

Keybinding schemes are stored in files with a '.kkf' extension in the schemes subdirectory of the user data directory. The filenames correspond to the scheme names displayed in Edit|Preferences|Editor|Keybindings.

To duplicate your current keybindings on a new system, copy the desired .kkf to the corresponding schemes directory on the target system, then start (or restart) Komodo on that system. The copied scheme will be available for selection in the key binding preferences.