The History feature lets you navigate backwards and forwards through your editing sessions. Similar to the history feature provided by a web browser, Komodo provides Back and Forward buttons, and a drop down list of recent editing positions.


The editing history is saved as a list of locations. Each location is made up of a filename and a cursor position. There is one history session per Komodo window.

Positions are saved to the history when:

  • opening a new file
  • changing to another open file and making an edit
  • jumping to a line from the Find Results tab
  • using Go To Definition
  • any other command or interaction in Komodo that jumps to a new editing position

History Navigation

You can navigate the history using the Back and Forward buttons, or by selecting the desired position from the drop down list.

Back and Forward are also available in the Code menu, and will display the keybindings assigned to these actions ("Editor: Go Forward" and "Editor: Go Back" in the Key Binding preferences). The default keybindings are the same as those used in most browsers: 'Alt'+'Left/Right arrows' on Windows and Linux, 'Cmd' + '[' or ']' on Mac OS X.