Documentation Browser

The Komodo (IDE only) Documentation browser allows you to easily access information about Komodo's main languages. It's a way of quickly referencing documentation on classes, functions and properties. It is not intended to completely replace online documentation for specific languages, but rather to act as a supplement for quick reference.

Supported Languages / Frameworks

The supported languages are based on the languages for which we have CodeIntel support (with some caveats, eg. Golang). This list will grow in the future.

  • Dojo
  • Ext_30
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MochiKit
  • Node.js
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Prototype
  • Python
  • Python 3
  • PyWin32
  • PyWin32 (Python 3)
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • XBL
  • YUI


The documentation browser is a sub-components of Commando, and can be accessed as one of its "Scopes". The Documentation browser can also be accessed directly from the toolbar by pressing it's Icon. Pressing this icon brings up the documentation for the current language. If you have a word under your cursor in the editor then this word will be pre-filled as the search query.

There are also several keybindings available to invoke the Documentation browser in different ways, for example you could invoke the Documentation browser for a specific language. Search for "Documentation" under Key Binding Preferences to find available keybindings.


The searching aspect of the Documentation browser is fairly self-explanatory; simply search for the class, function, property, etc. you are intersted in and navigate to the relevant result. When navigating Komodo will "preview" the selected item. When selecting a result (by pressing enter) Komodo will focus on the result by hiding the search pane. It will also show shortcuts for all the links and buttons in the documentation. Hitting a shortcut on your keyboard will effectively activate that link, allowing you to navigate the documentation without the need of your mouse.

Online Documentation

The online documentation button will, as implied, open the online documentation for the selected item. IF the documentation entry can be properly interpreted. It is possible that Komodo can not interpret the online documentation entry for your selection for various reasons (online documentation sites can and will change), if this happens Komodo will instead open a google search with the relevant keywords.

Insert Snippet

Hitting the insert snippet button will insert the code for the current entry into the editor where your caret is currently located.