Komodo crashes or doesn't start. What can I do?

As Komodo is running it updates a few log files with debugging and error information. If Komodo crashes, you can help us best determine the issue by sending us those log files, along with information on how you came across the crash. On some operating systems the system creates a crash log as well, which you should also send to us. The log files may include:

  • pystderr.log (in your Komodo user data dir)
  • komodo-bin.crash.log (Mac OS X only, in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter)

Sending Your Crash Information

Komodo's log files are only for the last time Komodo was run. If you have restarted Komodo since the time it crashed on you, you must reproduce the crash so that the log files are relevant.

To send the error log files to ActiveState:

  1. Locate the files (see above).
  2. Verify that the files are not blank by viewing them with a text editor.
  3. Create a bug describing what happened just before the crash.
  4. Once the bug has been created, add the error log files as fenced code blocks.
    • If the files are too big you can host them using github gist instead.