Common Komodo X Issues

I cannot add formatters

Open up the Console widget (bottom pane) and execute the following:


You should now be able to add formatters again.

This will be fixed in Komodo 10.0.1

"Let's Get Started" dialog doesn't load

This is caused by an incompatible color scheme that was imported.

There are 2 solutions to this problem, either:

  1. Delete the schemes folder from your profile folder - or -
  2. Download the latest nightly:

This will be fixed in Komodo 10.0.1

Enabling focus mode throws errors

This is a bug in Komodo 10.0.0, you can use the nightly if this affects you:

This bug will be fixed in Komodo 10.0.1

The Font Size is Too Small

Fire up the /Manual/prefs#preferences_color-scheme-fonts-and-colors, you can change the editor and interface font size individually.

New Keybindings - Old Keybindings Needed

Existing users likely want to use the keybinding set they are used to. Select the Legacy set in Preferences > Keybindings to get the unaltered key bindings set you used in Komodo 9.