Crash Reports

You'll need to configure/build the mozilla section with the additional --with-crashreportsymbols argument:

python configure -k 9.9 --moz-src=3500 --with-crashreportsymbols
python all

Once Mozilla is built successfully, you'll need to build Komodo with the crash report symbols too:

bk configure -V 9.9.0-devel with-crashreportsymbols
bk build
bk build crashreportsymbols

Crash reports are saved (temporarily whilst the crash report dialog in visible) into the profile folder. Crash report dump files have a .dmp filename suffix.

On Mac, the Komodo crash report folder is:

~/Library/Application Support/Komodo IDE/Crash Reports/pending/

On Linux, the Komodo crash report folder is:

~/.activestate/Komodo IDE/Crash Reports/pending/

Reading Crash Reports

Build Breakpad

Breakpad is used to read the crash dumps.

  • Fetch depot_tools:
git clone
  • Add depot_tools to your PATH:

    export PATH=`pwd`/depot_tools:"$PATH"
  • Fetch breakpad in a new directory:

fetch breakpad
  • Build breakpad:
make install

Reading the Dumps

Once breakpad is installed, use:

minidump_stackwalk ~/Library/Application\ Support/Komodo\ IDE/Crash Reports/pending/abc231.dmp /path/to/symbols

to view the crash details (pipe to less is easier to view).

The symbols path is optional, currently only Komodo devs have access to these.