Feature Showcase: Using the Interactive Shell (Komodo IDE only)

Press 'F12' ('Command'+'Esc' on Mac OS X) to switch between the Editor Pane and the interactive shell. This showcase uses the sample program preprocess.py, described in the Python tutorial, located by default in install dir\Komodo x.x\samples\pythontutorials_.

Before you start: Configure the interactive shell preferences to load the Python shell by default.

The key bindings mentioned below are part of the default Windows/Linux key binding scheme. If you are using Komodo for Mac OS X, click Help|Key Bindings to view the equivalent OS X key bindings.

On line 67 of preprocess.py, select contenttype.

Press 'F12' ('Command'+'Esc' on Mac OS X) to open the shell. Enter import and press 'Ctrl'+'V'. Press 'Enter' to load the module.

Enter help ( and press 'Ctrl'+'V' again to paste contenttype. Add a period.

Press 'F12' ('Command'+'Esc' on Mac OS X) to switch back to the Editor Pane. Select getContentType.

Press 'F12' ('Command'+'Esc' on Mac OS X) to switch back to the interactive shell. Press 'Ctrl'+'V' to paste getContentType, then enter a closing parenthesis and press 'Enter'.