Gulp (Komodo IDE only)

Gulp Configuration

Komodo will attempt to find Gulp on your system path. If it can't locate the executable you can manually configure it under Edit(Komodo on OSX) menu > Preferences > Languages > Node.js: Gulp Location.


To execute commands in Commando, open Commando (Ctrl or Cmd (OSX) + Shift + o) and select the Shell scope > Gulp. Here you will see the various commands with completions added. Remember you can run ANY command you want, regardless of whether or not we've provided completions for it.

Dynamic Toolbar

If you create a Komodo project in your Gulp project root, Komodo will detect a that it's in a Gulp project and provide a Gulp button in the Dynamic toolbar.

This button allows you to install new tasks through Commando Gulp scope as well as run any existing installed tasks.